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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two and a Half More Weeks

Every teacher that has to deal with CSAP begins the inevitable countdown until the big day. I know that my students have been taught everything, but then there is the comfort level for them. As I was running this last, I was asked if it was like a marathon, and I answered, "Actually, yes in a way it is!"

The students learn all year. This is the training phase. Month after month of learning. Then with about a month to go, we "practice" or pretend, kind of like visualizing race day. The students and I try to anticipate any questions they may have ahead of time, so come test day, they are all set. Then, the week before, we relax, so that that they aren't all worn out right before they start, that would be the taper. Right now I am in the practice or pretend stage which is a little more pressure on me and little less on the students. As the teacher, my brain begins to race on what have I told them, what have I forgotten (of course I remember all of these in the middle of the night and thus why I am awake at 4:00am), what can I tell them to be better prepared, or more relaxed? I truly believe that CSAP reflects what kind of a teacher I am...if the student has done their part: come to school each day ready to learn and participated actively. This year's class is actually a little excited to take it, so I hope that confidence comes through.

My running has been coming along. I am up to 50+ miles this week with a long run of 22 on Sunday. This last weekend, I did a 10M on Saturday, 13M on Sunday, and 15M on Monday since it was a holiday. It was a nice build-up and it felt better each day. Since we are doing the 50M this year, we are tackling some back to backs for longer distance. We will also get in a 26M in the next two weeks. I haven't began swimming yet this year, but will start soon. Cycling has taken a back burner but will move up in priority soon. I start lifting again and am feeling ready to start balancing out the exercise after all of this CSAP stuff, during spring break. It is going to be a fun year competing...I shouldn't even use those words in the same sentence, because I am not sure I am feeling very competitive. Pray for my students the 2nd and 3rd weeks of March, in case I don't write between now and then. It could be busy!