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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conferences

This week are conferences. I decided to take on the challenge, and now I do realize why they are a challenge, of "student-led conferences." It has taken a lot of time having the students get ready for their big day. Tomorrow it will be here, and now it is suppose to snow. In Harrison, the district that I work, many of our parents walk to the school and may not come if the weather is inclement. Cross your fingers that the weather holds off until after they come. Ms. McCoy, my student teacher, and I will teach all day and then do 17 conferences after school...until 8pm tomorrow night.

The kids are sharing three pieces of work, including some writing and a math test, their favorite spot in the classroom, their 1st quarter goals and whether or not they accomplished them, and getting help with writing new goals. Having the students share the portfolio will be something new for me, so I hope they are as excited as I am. I believe it puts a little more accountability on them...something I think some 5th graders need. (My opinion only.)I am also hopeful that some students can take a turn for the positive with the support of their parents and myself!
Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Resting Easy

My busy previous 4 weeks, well 10 months, have led into a rest period for me. It is long awaited. I began training in January for the San Diego Rock-N-Roll. It was my "fast" marathon for the year and I put a lot into it, including a trainer. I did speed 2-3 times a week, long runs, and just a few easy days. It paid off with a 12 minute PR, 3:27. Then I decided to keep my marathon distance over the summer and add in cycling and swimming for my tri. I actually took a swimming class 2 days a week at 5:30am, yes in summer when I was off. The cherry on the sundae was the month of October...8 hours of tri, and 2 marathons, and October isn't even over. I will take about 6 weeks and do whatever I want, which this weekend has meant a spin class, lifting, and trying some fun new machines. I will also have to watch what I eat for the next few weeks and pull off a few pounds. Since I will be going into another training cycle in December, I like to be lean and mean and ready for new opportunities.

Speaking of training...this time it will consist of a marathon training plan (for Boston in April) with a couple of doubles (long runs done back to back for a 50 miler - 2 weeks after Boston), and somewhere in there will be cycling for a 100K in early summer. We also thought it would be a super challenge to throw in 4 days per week of P90X (if you haven't heard of it or done it, it is the one workout that I can't make it through...) PLUS, Scheri and I most definitely plan on going back to do the Newton's 8 hour tri again, and thus, will need to start swimming at some point. As much as I look forward to my break - and doing whatever I want, I am excited to start this challenging new plan.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Best Race Ever - Nike Women's Marathon

Barely on any sleep right now after arriving back in the Springs around 1AM this morning, but I had to write and let everyone know how great the party was in San Fransisco. We arrived at 8am on Saturday morning (after waking at 3am) and quickly picked out our rental car. We were anxious to get to the "expotique" in downtown San Fransisco. Scheri drove with great confidence, and got us there in no time. As with many large cities, the streets all went one way. So we ended up circling the streets over and over, which led to great site seeing! Trolleys, high fashion stores, and lots and lots of people filled the streets. It was amazing and spectacular, and so much fun. We found a parking lot that wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg, and went for it.

The "expotique" was nicely put together. After experiencing race directing, I have a huge appreciation for the big and little things that go into a race. I can't even imagine how pleased this director must be. From the bouquets of flowers that were color coordinated with the races colors this year (purple, yellow, and reddish pink) to the enthusiastic volunteers to the Tiffany designed necklace (haven't taken mine off), all of the details were well thought out. We rode bikes with blenders that had smoothies in them, took pictures, and grabbed freebies. The weather was great, and we actually had beautiful sunshine. We headed over to the "wall" on Niketown that had every runner's name on it. (I will add pictures later, after Scheri downloads them.) We decided to eat breakfast and then hop on a trolley. The funny part about this is that I laughed at a family because they hopped on and pulled out some passes...I thought, "Silly people, you don't need passes!" Scheri and I were posing, and hanging off, it was like we were in a movie. Only to find out that the trolley takes you to the bottom of all of the hills, dumps you, and IF YOU DON'T HAVE THAT PASS, you have to walk back up! We ended up stumbling across the ticket booth and found out they were $11. Yikes, we decided that was enough trolley riding!

We thought it would be fun to check out the race route. So we jumped back in our rental, and went for a drive. It began in downtown, went north for just a bit, the wrapped around the edge of San Fransisco (by the water) heading south. The route went past fisherman's wharf, had views of Alcatraz, up some hills (ouch), along the beach, up into Golden Gate Park, views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and back along the beach some more. It was the best course I have ever ran in a city! After checking out the course, we headed over to Janice's house, our friend Val's aunt. She was so accommodating and had an amazing house and garden. We took a short nap and were ready to go again. She drove us to the world's crookedest road, Lombard Street. We drove down it. That evening, we enjoyed a nice dinner with Janice at a local restaurant within walking distance and went to a local market. Finally, off to bed for some sleep and preparation for race day.

Bright and early on Sunday morning, or not so bright, we were out the door. Janice was kind enough to drive us to the start. Scheri and I were doing this race for pure fun, and pure fun was what we set out accomplish. Enjoying the course every step of the way...taking pictures, talking, and laughing, we had a blast! The race itself was perfect. We were anticipating a 3:45, but decided it would be more relaxing to slow down and actually soak it all in, so we ended up doing a 3:55. Coming into the finish with NO long run pain was a plus in addition to the Tiffany designed necklaced that was handed to me by a gentleman in a tuxedo. (Did I tell you how much I love the necklace? A girl runner on it with the saying "run like a girl.") We walked over and got a massage, went to the stretching tent and did some great stretches, and finished it off with a walk on the beach and leg dip in the waves! There are some goofy pics to come of me still running along the beach, joking with Scheri about how I could do more running if I had too. We decided to take the "Muni" back to Janice's. This is public transportation, on a track, but not really a train. We met so many people during this ride home and found that San Fransisco people are some of the most friendly people we had ever met. Always moving and going, we showered and got dressed as quick as we could to go to a street fair with Janice. I got some cherry blossom socks, Scheri some souvenirs for her kiddos, and some to-go dinners to take to the airport. Zooming back to the airport around 6PM on Sunday, we arrived just in time to eat and catch our flight. The second the plane took off, I closed my eyes and didn't open them until we arrived in Denver at 10:30PM. Drove to Scheri's and then to my house, and crawled into bed for a few hours of sleep. My birthday is today, so Scheri made sure to wish me a happy birthday at 12:01AM, and I couldn't of asked for a more perfect birthday weekend - or 35 hours, except to have my family or minimally, Marc with me. There is always next year! (Of course I want to go again.)

Friday, October 16, 2009

San Fransisco - Here we go!

Off to San Fran for the weekend. Leaving at 3:50 in the morning and returning late on Sunday. I am running the Nike's Women Marathon. I can't wait. of course I will write and update you all!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Teaching, Running, Teaching, Running...

That is kind of how my schedule has been lately, but definitely MORE teaching! I am in a great place, because I am not really training for anything in particular right now, so I can really focus on teaching. I love to run because it gives me time for myself, to clear my head and come up with great new ideas for my students. These fresh ideas keep teaching fun and exciting. So my point in blogging this was to show that my life is NOT all about running.

This last weekend the weather was horrible, crazy Colorado weather. It is also a 3 day weekend, yippee. So I am getting caught up with school stuff. On Saturday, I wrote my lesson plans and my formal observation that is coming up this Wednesday, then I went for a run on the treadmill. I did a little spin interval and came home. I finished working on some school stuff and then headed out for the night with my family.

Sunday, again, woke up and worked on report cards and an SCR writing packet, then went for a run with the dogs and Scheri...pretty windy and a balmy 22 out. Came back and did more school stuff.

Today, I woke up and went for a run with a group of ladies, went to breakfast, and then came back to work on more report cards. As you can see, my life would be pretty boring if I didn't throw in those occasionally, social, runs. I come back refreshed and ready to work a little more. No, not all of my weekends look like this, but the rewards of putting in a little extra time definitely pay off in the classroom. The kids feel the benefits, as well as I do. I think every teacher should have something physical they do to clear their minds.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Xterra Marathon - Colorado Springs

Me-Pink Shorts, Scheri-Aqua Shorts

Last weekend I ran the Xterra Marathon. Scheri and I decided to do this marathon as part of our training for San Fransisco. A little background: I have always wanted to do a marathon every year from the very first year. Since this was the first year of the Xterra, and it was local, I thought this would be a good one to do. Scheri agreed and so we signed up.

The race: We showed up and it was actually a little cool. We know from running in Cheyenne State Park that it can get very hot, so we did not complain. I brought hydration since I had been sick and feeling really dry when I ran lately. We began the race and "jogged" with the crowds. The marathon was ran simultaneous with the half marathon so there were quite a few people for the first few miles. The course consisted of two areas, looping around each area, and then we completed that two times. So in a way, 4 loops. We completed the first loop and headed over to the second one. Scheri and I were keeping fairly good pace, but still feeling relaxed. We were constantly telling each other to relax and take it easy. We had a few half marathoners with us, and so we did feel the need to push it a little. As we were climbing the second large hill, I tripped over a small root and fell, gracefully I must say. I scraped my leg a little, but avoided the knees completely. (My goal.) We rounded back and finished the first half of the race, dropping of EVERYONE that was around us...obviously more halvers than I thought. We gazed at our Garmins and realized the course was almost a mile long at the half point. Yikes. A little depression set in considering this is an already difficult course, and now it will be almost 2 miles long. We continued trudging away at the course, relaxing a lot more than the first lap. Walking many hills, taking bathroom breaks, and getting rocks out of our shoes, consumed much of our second time around. We passed through an aid station and they informed us that we were 21st and 22nd overall, and 6th and 7th girl. We really didn't want to know, so I told them not to tell us. They didn't our next time through. During this entire second time around, we passed a few men, and never saw any women. We went through our phases of being tired, but quickly snapped out of it. The hills in there can take quite a while. We felt really strong at the end and decided to take off for the last mile. It felt great. We finished the race hand in hand, stride for stride, and with a smile on both of our faces.