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Monday, October 12, 2009

Teaching, Running, Teaching, Running...

That is kind of how my schedule has been lately, but definitely MORE teaching! I am in a great place, because I am not really training for anything in particular right now, so I can really focus on teaching. I love to run because it gives me time for myself, to clear my head and come up with great new ideas for my students. These fresh ideas keep teaching fun and exciting. So my point in blogging this was to show that my life is NOT all about running.

This last weekend the weather was horrible, crazy Colorado weather. It is also a 3 day weekend, yippee. So I am getting caught up with school stuff. On Saturday, I wrote my lesson plans and my formal observation that is coming up this Wednesday, then I went for a run on the treadmill. I did a little spin interval and came home. I finished working on some school stuff and then headed out for the night with my family.

Sunday, again, woke up and worked on report cards and an SCR writing packet, then went for a run with the dogs and Scheri...pretty windy and a balmy 22 out. Came back and did more school stuff.

Today, I woke up and went for a run with a group of ladies, went to breakfast, and then came back to work on more report cards. As you can see, my life would be pretty boring if I didn't throw in those occasionally, social, runs. I come back refreshed and ready to work a little more. No, not all of my weekends look like this, but the rewards of putting in a little extra time definitely pay off in the classroom. The kids feel the benefits, as well as I do. I think every teacher should have something physical they do to clear their minds.

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  1. I totally did not doubt that you would be running in that weather on Sunday!