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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where Have I Been?

This time of year always becomes filled up with lesson planning, preparing for CSAP, and then administering the "BIG TEST" in just a few short weeks (four to be exact, but who's counting?). I am looking forward to spring break more than ever this year because we are moving at the end of February, and that week will be well spent.
Our New "Old" House!

Summer can't come fast enough. As much as I love spring, and WILL enjoy it, I am ready for summer. For the first time in my Harrison career, I have had not one snow day, but two. Our high temp for yesterday was -5 and the high for today was suppose to be 2, but I only saw 0 in my car. A big warm-up tomorrow, 40+ degrees!

Marathon training has officially began. (All you hipsters will probably be interested to know how I'm doing 7 months post-op...) I am up to 12 miles on a long run. Glad to report that I am running my long runs just about :15 seconds slower than I was prior to surgery. Around a 9 minute pace. I did my first official tempo run this last Monday - torturious like I remember, and I was able to hold a 7:50 for three solid miles (total distance of run was 7 miles) in wind with temps around 7+. I am extremely happy with my speed and where I am at already. I would be thrilled to just stay here. That being strength, especially on hills, just plain ol' stinks. It is not even so-so, it is miserable. My legs turn to jell-o and my breath gets short. So I am embarking on a few "hill" workouts to try and remedy this situation. I did one today and am already feeling hopeful. My workouts look like this: Saturday - long run, Monday - tempo style run (medium distance), and Thursday -intervals (except for now I am working on hills). I will be doing two to three difficult hilly trail runs a month to work on those hills as well. In March, I will add in a minimum of one day of mountain biking (difficult) a week. Right now I am doing spin at least one day a week and lifting two. Overall, I would say I am pretty much back to normal. So happy with my results.

So happy in every day life, our life!