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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bursitis and Some Treatment

The pain didn't lighten today and moved upward and out. I told Cameron of my desperate situation the second I walked into PT. After some examing, he could put his finger right on the intense pain, and used a bunch of big words with acute bursitis at the end. I received a treatment (that basically put the medicine straight into my hip with ultrasound) and then he worked it my hip a bit. We did a few stretches and sent me home. After some discussion about my weekend activities, we decided it was the mountain bike ride I did where I ascended quite a bit. Spinning class keeps you pretty stable, even if you get up and down. When you are on a real trail, you use your hips to stabilize yourself. He said I wouldn't have known I wasn't ready, if I hadn't tried. I will have to wait a few more weeks before I try again. It was fun while it lasted.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My favorite thing to say to my students when they do something they shouldn't...and it's usually fairly high pitched and catches them off-guard, kind of like the sleepless night I had last night, and the beastly pain that hit me yesterday! I have been rating on as a 9. I would read blogs and think, "How could people be in so much pain post-op?" Well, now I know. Not really, I don't have an answer because I haven't gone to physical therapy this week, but know the pain. I hurt all through the night and even laying there completely still, I was in so much pain that I wanted to cry. It begins above my knee, to the right side of my leg, all the way up, to the outside of my hip-right below my bone. I had Marc rub it out with lotion last night, like the PT did last time it was "kind of" like this, and 10 minutes later, it was back full force. I awoke this morning to find myself standing in the shower in total frustration. It was excruciating first thing. I went to school, had a tough morning trying to deal with it, and it fluxuated between a 9 and 6, at best. My hope: physical therapy is tomorrow and Cameron will fix it. I hope. My first question for him will be, "How can I take care of this on my own, at home, if it happens?" I have also made my 3 month post-op appointment for October 11, and will ask Dr. White about the possibilities. feeling a little desperate at the moment. I know it'll all be okay, but in the meantime, I am looking forward to another pain! Yikes!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's Still There!

My hip recovery has been amazing. I completed my first real spin class today. The full hour, with resistance and standing with the sitting. Thank goodness. I was getting tired of sitting. I looked into a cycling race, but the season has proven to be my biggest challenge, and that is probably a good thing. I will have to wait to tackle all of my post-op dreams until after winter, and that was the original plan anyways. I go down to one visit of PT per week this coming week, so I will start to hit Villa more on my own. I was warned by Dr. White that between month two and month three post-op would be my most difficult time. Not as far as pain, but feeling great and wanting to get back out and start challenging myself. Interesting, that man is always right. Cameron has been great, allowing me to push as much as he feels safe, which is a fine line. I am now doing one legged squats 5 times a week (3 sets of 10 on each side), plank for 1 minute with both legs, then I toe tap-holding myself up on my good hip. Now comes the hard part, I am trying to toe tap with my not-so-good hip holding me up, I did 8 today, which is more than I've ever done. I was at 3 midweek. I do bridges with a big ball, rolling it back and forth. I "jumped" and "jogged" laying down on the reformer. Jumping was a success, but I won't lie, jogging left me in a ton of pain that I still feel 48 hours later. Pain is kind of something to take note of these days because I am rarely in any. I am still slightly uncomfortable in bed: I can't lay on that side still, and my right leg has to stay straight when I lay on my stomach when I'd prefer to bend it up. If things keep going on this path, the surgery was definitely a success.

My heart (and mind) has started to set some plans for next year. I am going to do a trail marathon in Pagosa Springs in June. I might do a 50k close to home in summer as well, and would also like to pace some friends that are planning some 100s. 100 milers that is. Pacing could get me back into ultra running without having to run the full ultra. It is slow, relaxed running or even hiking, and it makes me super excited to think about doing that. I would also love to conquer a 100 mile bike ride which will be thrown in around my other adventures. The great thing, Marc is on board to do a lot of it with me. (He will have to do a mountain bike ride, while I find a road race.) Pretty soon, I will be 100% and I am ready when I am!

Life is Whirlwind

And before you know it, your babies are growing up! Halee is at her first homecoming dance as I write. We picked out her dress last week, had her make-up done today, and she put the final touches on her hair. What a beauty! We keep telling Christian..."You will have your time too." But it has been hard for her to be patient. It all kind of begins at the END of 8th grade, so Christian only has one more year of watching from the sidelines. For now, she was good with helping Halee put on her dress and do her "walk" down the stairs for pictures.
She was dropped off by Marc and will be picked up by him too. I thought dad was a good choice. She chose to go to dinner with all of us instead of a group of friends. I treasure these moments, as time with the girls is getting less and less, the older they get. I couldn't ask for anything more, with either one. They can be very typical teenagers a lot a bit, but in the end, they make better than average decisions, and want to do what's right. Soon, very soon, Christian will be splashed in her formal dresses all over my blog. Although it makes me a bit sad, it makes me so much more proud of how my sweet little babies have blossomed into beautiful young ladies!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

2 Months Post-Op

I made it through the weekend of races...barely! Struggling with pain since Sunday, only because I was doing way too much, I finally made it back to PT today. The weekend, and the week leading up to the ADT proved to be a lot of work, physically and mentally. I tried to take it easy, but it was more than I had been doing in a while. Catching up on sleep, a little each night, since the race has been top priority. Today, I was ready for Cameron to "shake" it out and loosen up all of the tension that had been forming the past several days. After a few exercises and some time on the bike, he did his magic. I asked about being able to walk or ride my bike regularly and he said that I could ride for 20 minutes on a flat area (mountain bike so I am sitting up) and walk for an hour on a flat, soft surface. I will start riding or walking with the dogs, beginning tomorrow...on my day off! Yep, I'm taking a day off.