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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life is Whirlwind

And before you know it, your babies are growing up! Halee is at her first homecoming dance as I write. We picked out her dress last week, had her make-up done today, and she put the final touches on her hair. What a beauty! We keep telling Christian..."You will have your time too." But it has been hard for her to be patient. It all kind of begins at the END of 8th grade, so Christian only has one more year of watching from the sidelines. For now, she was good with helping Halee put on her dress and do her "walk" down the stairs for pictures.
She was dropped off by Marc and will be picked up by him too. I thought dad was a good choice. She chose to go to dinner with all of us instead of a group of friends. I treasure these moments, as time with the girls is getting less and less, the older they get. I couldn't ask for anything more, with either one. They can be very typical teenagers a lot a bit, but in the end, they make better than average decisions, and want to do what's right. Soon, very soon, Christian will be splashed in her formal dresses all over my blog. Although it makes me a bit sad, it makes me so much more proud of how my sweet little babies have blossomed into beautiful young ladies!

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