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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Resting Easy

My busy previous 4 weeks, well 10 months, have led into a rest period for me. It is long awaited. I began training in January for the San Diego Rock-N-Roll. It was my "fast" marathon for the year and I put a lot into it, including a trainer. I did speed 2-3 times a week, long runs, and just a few easy days. It paid off with a 12 minute PR, 3:27. Then I decided to keep my marathon distance over the summer and add in cycling and swimming for my tri. I actually took a swimming class 2 days a week at 5:30am, yes in summer when I was off. The cherry on the sundae was the month of October...8 hours of tri, and 2 marathons, and October isn't even over. I will take about 6 weeks and do whatever I want, which this weekend has meant a spin class, lifting, and trying some fun new machines. I will also have to watch what I eat for the next few weeks and pull off a few pounds. Since I will be going into another training cycle in December, I like to be lean and mean and ready for new opportunities.

Speaking of training...this time it will consist of a marathon training plan (for Boston in April) with a couple of doubles (long runs done back to back for a 50 miler - 2 weeks after Boston), and somewhere in there will be cycling for a 100K in early summer. We also thought it would be a super challenge to throw in 4 days per week of P90X (if you haven't heard of it or done it, it is the one workout that I can't make it through...) PLUS, Scheri and I most definitely plan on going back to do the Newton's 8 hour tri again, and thus, will need to start swimming at some point. As much as I look forward to my break - and doing whatever I want, I am excited to start this challenging new plan.

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