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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gardening, My Hip, CSAP, and Boston

Lots to talk about, so I better get started. I have been super busy, but today is officially the first day of spring break, so I decided to kick it off with blogging...finally. I also signed up for a vegetable garden class a few backs that took place today and am so happy that I went. It helped me understand so much more about planting a vegetable garden in Colorado, especially since this year I am wanting to try a new way of doing this: box gardening combined with square foot gardening. My garden space is huge and very hard to manage, so I have asked my wonderful husband to build boxes for me to make it more manageable. He has agreed. These boxes will be 3feet x 8feet, and consist of 1foot x 1foot sections, each containing one type of plant. (Look up images, as they are beautiful and interesting.) I will post some of my own once this is created in my own yard. I will also have a smaller box for picking flowers and herbs. All of this in addition to our already landscaped, not quite, 1/2 acre. It should be great. I went out and measured and will be visiting Home Depot with Marc shortly.

I am busy working on my garden, and NOT running at the moment because for the first time during my training in over three years, I am injured. I have been in denial for about two months, at least, but decided that taking this weekend off would help me more than anything. My hip flexor has been strained and no matter what I seem to do, it isn't getting better...hopefully this does the trick. Stretching it, icing it, and resting already seems to be helping. Amazingly, my limp that I have been carrying around for several weeks has already disappeared today. I'll keep up the rest until Wednesday, and then visit the orthopedic surgeon on Thursday for a shot of cortisone to finish it off.

CSAP is over and my students did fantastic. I know they did their best and that is all I can ever ask for. Of course, we don't find out the scores until August, but I can rest easy in knowing that each of us put everything we had into it, and that's better than any number.

I received the email from the Boston Marathon yesterday reminding me that the race is only one month away. It made me very excited. I went ahead and ordered my coat and a long sleeve t-shirt that I am sure I will wear more than the coat...but either way, feel privileged about the whole thing. Also happy that training is coming to an end. Next week we are doing our last back to back, Sunday and Monday (after school) since I am getting my shot on Thursday, I have to wait 48 hours until I can run again. It will be nice to taper and move into our summer training routine. Winter has been fair on us, but it is always nice to get back on the bike, in the pool, and away from the snow.
Enjoy your spring!

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