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Monday, October 11, 2010

I Wish Every Weekend was a Three Day!

Where do I start? Life has been super crazy with work. I have a lot of meetings, which I hate, and a lot of fun with my students, which I love. I tell them everyday, "You are the best class I have ever had, and you are definitely the smartest!" That is until next year's class, and then they will impress me too. My mom and dad have been in two times a week, for the entire morning, to help with anything I need. My dad usually catches me up on grading papers while my mom does small groups with students. Having two retired teachers as parents couldn't be any better when it comes to stuff like this. They help me kick start my class in fall, every year. It is the time of year that I see the most growth, probably because there are three teachers in the classroom for two days per week during this time. Love my class, and love having my mom and dad there to help.

Marc and I have been busy doing home maintenance in anticipation of our new carpet coming this week. Yippee. Our house is all set. We fixed some doors, refinished the hardwood entry, and cleaned up some clutter. We have also been enjoying some free-time with my parents. Yesterday, we went 4-wheeling and had a blast. The girls went too and Christian enjoyed her new hobby, photography! (Halee has always carried the camera, but Christian is trying it out.) We might even go again next weekend.
I also had my 3 month post-op visit today. I had the day off, and Marc took the day. My parents, Marc, and I headed up to Denver all together. (We met my grandma after the visit for lunch.) Everything on the xray is perfect. I have had two "flare-ups" from trying new things: mountain biking and walking 2 miles. Dr. White wasn't happy about the mountain biking, but when he realized I hadn't meant to, nor done it since, he was okay and advised me to wait one more month until I started the walk to run program. He reassured me that I would be back to where I want to be, but I need to be patient, which I will. For now, I continue with PT once a week until 6 months post-op.

So all in all, life is perfect! I love my family, my friends, and my job...and recovery is going pretty good too! Except I wish every weekend was a three day.

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