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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Running for Fun

Now that I don't HAVE to run, I am enjoying going out and doing whatever, whenever. It has been 3 weeks since my marathon (is that it?) and I have ran a handful of times. A little over a week ago, I was invited by a mom of one of my daughter's friends, to go do the Incline with the girls and her. So we headed up. It was a hot hot day. The three of them agreed to go halfway and I would go to the top, run down, and meet them for the rest of the trip down. I made it up just fine. On my way down, I got distracted, and tripped on a root (that now I have since gone back to figure out why and it is still hidden pretty well by the dirt). I sat there and attempted to breathe. My left ankle, the same one I sprained about 3 weeks prior to the marathon, was definately hurt. I also cut up my right knee and could see about 20 rocks IN it. Well, when you're on Barr Trail, there is only one choice, you have to go down. I hobbled down and decided that my ankle hurt bad enough to visit the doctor. After xrays, it was just a severe sprain. The nurse had the pleasure, not really, of scrubbing out the rocks while I screamed.

In the meantime, I got a Crossfit membership on Groupon. I have gone once, and it was an easy workout but the muscle soreness crept up on me after. All upper body, which is what I need. I have ran a couple of times, carefully. Since Stephanie is training for the Ascent, I did do a run just beyond Barr Camp this last week, which gave me 13+ hard miles. I don't really have any goals right now, but if I were to say I have a pseudo goal it would be to maintain the distance of 13ish miles. If it happens, it happens, if it doesn't, oh well. My hip is completely fine and not even a thought anymore. For all of you hipsters, isn't it nice to know that one year post-op, it will really be part of the past? Halee's birthdayis this Friday, and that marks my one-year anniversary!

One more note: Marc and I are going to try, together, to do a blog just for our house. Since I couldn't find many blogs for Arts & Crafts Era homes, I thought it would be fun. So I will be posting our "house" adventures on there. Our Arts Crafts Home Enjoy!

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