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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Finally, winter break has arrived. The last few weeks are very difficult for teachers. Just hanging on by a thread, the world seems to crash down, and the students come with it. From getting in any last instruction before break to district assessments, packed full doesn't begin to describe it. Teachers are usually finalizing grades for 2ND quarter, getting their rooms ready for January, and helping the kids prepare Christmas ornaments (in my case) or decorations to go home. Since my breaks are a time to rejuvenate, I plan on taking this one off from doing school work...EXCEPT for report cards if I get around to it.

In all of the hustle, I managed to disappoint some more people's expectations of me. Because I go to Halee's counselor with her, I took him up on some advice that he has given her, "Write down your feelings when you get upset." Such simple advice, but I tried it last night in an effort to unwind from a difficult day, and yet another disappointment which squeaked in at 3:45pm when I was walking out of school. It really helped.

Have you ever asked the question, "Can things get any worse?" Well, every time I ask that, I know I am dooming myself to more torture, thus my break was necessary to merely survive. Part of my survival plan is to begin training by amping up my mileage. Scheri and I are nosediving into two high mileage weeks. I look forward to this time of talking with a friend that truly likes me just the way that I am. If I have learned anything from life it is to surround yourself with those people. I am sure I will write again soon since I am break, and hopefully I will be able to report some happy thoughts! Until then, hang in there, enjoy the holidays with your families, and get some rest...however your break looks!

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  1. I'm excited about our break, or should I say exercise intensive vacation :-) We should get pedicures and lunch too... in addition, to strength training and cycling, haha! Hang in there. Everything will be great for the next couple weeks :-) You'll go back to school and not let it get to you.