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Monday, December 21, 2009

Halee and Her Half-Marathon

Halee is officially training for her first half-marathon. We talked with her Doctor, because she is 13, and a few others...and she is good to go. She has actually been training for about 3 weeks already. It is fun to watch her, but more funny because in all of her 13ness, she doesn't think I understand the difficulty of training. I keep explaining that if it were easy, it wouldn't feel like such an accomplishment. One of my running friends, Tracy, said it perfectly, "If it were like eating breakfast, it wouldn't be a big deal." Her perspective of me and my training is interesting: she believes that since I love to run, it is not hard. On the contrary, the harder the workout or race, the more I feel that I have actually done something. I am realizing that most runners are this way, even the elite. We all change our workouts to fit our ability or level we are at, and they are work.

We all went on Halee's long run with her yesterday, as a family. Marc and I ran with her, and Christian rode her bike. The dogs came along as well. It gives our family, and especially Halee, some great time together. I look forward to several more runs with her this winter and spring.

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  1. Yay for Halee :-) Can't she tell that our runs are hard on us? I know the happy faces after our runs are deceiving, but we really do work our little bums off!!!