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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Blah!

I have stayed very busy over break...catching up on dentist appointments, getting Tuff to the vet for his skin, and running like crazy. I have enjoyed catching up on these things and finally feeling a little caught up, just in time to celebrate New Years and go back. Lori and I will hit the road running as soon as break is over: she will complete a week of solo teaching the second week, as well as begin her teacher work sample in math. After getting the kid's test scores back, all were outstanding, but math...which were good, but not great. A teacher work sample is an intense unit, that is very well planned out with lots of supplemental activities, and taught in a strategic manner. So the students benefit is usually greater than just the average lessons.

When Lori is solo teaching, I will set up a little group area in the hall, and pull students out for some intensive one-on-one teaching in areas that they most need. I am excited about this because it gives me the opportunity to work on those areas where a student may not be grasping a concept. I do not take this opportunity for granted, as I know it is a privilege to be able to have this time.

Oh ya, back to my title. "Winter Blah!" Here I go, wrapping this all back together: as I mentioned in the beginning, running like crazy has been keeping me occupied much of my day. AND it has been really cold here in Colorado. It seems like when it finally reaches over 30 degrees, I feel like it is warming up. It has been a long, cold break. So on an up is suppose to be 45 two days in a row this weekend. I am looking forward to a couple's run in the Garden of the Gods...will take lots of photos, and a run with Halee and the dogs as well. Halee is up to 6 miles this weekend. I hope that we have more of these 40+ days, like last year, and the 30 or cooler days go by quickly. For now, stay warm!

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