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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Too Much to Say

I am going to make a better effort at staying up to date on my blog. I have been incredibly busy with the new house, training for the marathon, and teaching. The new house is amazing. We have officially completed 5 rooms and a major hallway (which included stairs). Today, we scraped off a ton of popcorn (yep, on the ceiling) in the sunroom and kitchen. The kitchen remodel will begin officially in two weeks, but we are doing some major drywall work before the hole gets cut in the wall and the floor tile gets taken out. Simultaneous to the kitchen and sunroom remodel, there is a half bath that is being gutted and redone. That is more my project and the wallpaper came down yesterday. Fun. Here is a photo of our bedroom "before" and "after".

Marathon training is well on its way. I officially have a 22, 24, and 20 mile long run left. I completed my 20 miler yesterday feeling really good. My last 4 weeks have been 15.5, 17, 18, and then 20 milers. I rest this week, build up a bit more, and then taper. Although I have worked hills to death, they still aren't coming as easy as I had hoped by now. They are on my list for this week AGAIN! My long runs are averaging 8:40ish pace. I have normal long run aches, but really nothing from my hip to even bother mentioning. After I complete this marathon (June 11), I will cut back to half marathon distance and mountain biking and try to find some races that are around that. I have really picked up on mountain biking because of all of the trails by my house.

This school year has been the best ever. My colleagues, as well as my students, have been amazing. I feel privileged to say I work with friends. My students are all a great bunch too. I will miss them when it is time to move in just 5 short weeks. I am in the process of "going for" distinguished within my district. This has added a bit of extra work, but mostly I just have to be ready for a team to come observe me at any given moment. I am excited to go through this experience and will hopefully be a better teacher for it.

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