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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

I had a super productive with my "meal makers" group and now officially have 10 frozen meals, did all of the laundry, worked in the garden, washed the car, and cleaned out the garage! I decided that crutches were like a job, just for Monday through Friday. I was in some pain last night, but seemed to ward it off today. Not sure why I feel it in the middle of the night so much, but it seems to be getting less and less frequent. Anyways, back to how productive I was-

Marc is visiting his family this weekend, and I usually like to keep busy to make the time pass quickly. Plus it is exciting to have a couple of days warm enough to clean out the car, which leads to the garage. I am trying to get my garden boxes completely done by the end of next weekend...oh ya and I started staining the garden fence too. I will post pictures when the yard starts growing in.

Quick running update: two weeks until Boston. Arthrogram, including 2nd MRI, is this Thursday. I did my long run on the elliptical this last weekend - 2 hours worth, felt like a lifetime. Thought about secretly hitting the trail today...just for a few miles, but didn't.

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