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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


doesn't begin to explain how I feel. I finally received the long awaited call from Dr. Philippon's office today, and they informed that he would like to see regular xrays of my hip as well. I was originally told to only send my arthrogram, so after a two plus week wait, you can imagine that I am a little frustrated to know I will have to wait even longer. The arthrogram confirms the tear, but does not actually show if there is an underlying issue, such as hip dysplasia. Being a runner, and running on icy single-track trails all winter, I assumed my tear was from a slip on the ice and not from hip dysplasia or a hip disorder. Obviously he didn't get to be known as a world renowned doctor by overlooking the details, but in my case, I am wishing we could cut to the chase and get going with scheduling surgery.

So I made a quick call to my orthopedic surgeon here in the Springs and asked if they could mail my xrays. It wasn't easy, but the nice lady said she would take them to the post office on her way home. Thank goodness! I thanked her profusely.

In the meantime, Madeline, Dr. Philippon's receptionist, gave me his surgical coordinator's phone number so I could call her. I am wondering if it is taking weeks to get films reviewed, how long it will actually take me to get surgery scheduled. I had to leave a message and she will get back to me at her earliest convenience. All phone numbers for his office go directly to voicemail, and so I am constantly in a state of waiting: something that I do not like to do. As a matter of fact, when i got pregnant with my first child, my dad said, "Well, this is one thing you are going to have to wait for and that you can't control!" I guess being a serious type A personality, I like to be in control of everything, and this is one thing that is definately beyond that. And the bummer is, I began running because I felt it was a controllable situation: your training, your results. Now I am left with an uncontrollable situation, especially as it pertains to running.

In the meantime, while I wait, I am building up motivation to go swimming tomorrow. Scheri is going to meet me for a swim date. I wanted to workout on Saturday, but was in so much pain, I decided that was a bad idea. I am finally feeling like I want to workout, but it is hard to get motivated to jump in the pool or hop on a stationary bike. It just doesn't excite me like hitting a trail. I better stop daydreaming, grow some patience, and start living for today!

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