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Saturday, April 10, 2010

"You have a Hip Labral Tear..."

and "the femoral neck stress fracture is still showing up on your MRI." It has been about 10 hours and although I was trying to fight it, every second today, it finally hit: I am totally freaking out! I am not quite sure what to do, so I decided blogging was a good idea for now. I guess the real answer is, there isn't much I can do and that is what is so stressful and so frustrating. Searching the internet led me to the picture of what I will have to wear to sleep post-op. There is plenty more that I will not include in this post. On Friday, after my arthrogram, I tested out my "balance" on my right leg again, just by trying to stand on it. I still couldn't. I try every day, and I never can. I knew it was a tear this whole time, but I thought that maybe, just maybe, that pain I was feeling was the stress fracture, but now I don't think so.

I was expecting the news, so I had a list of questions prepared. My kidneys (because I have kidney stones) have been hurting with the increase of calcium, so I asked him about that. He said to take it down a bit until they felt better. I also wanted to know about my post-Boston plan. I am still running Boston. The tear doesn't change my mind about Boston and the Dr. agreed that the tear shouldn't affect that, the stress fracture should have. He said he wouldn't need to do another MRI post-Boston because he felt that me getting surgery would ultimately make me stop running and rest the stress fracture; therefore, healing it. He told me I needed to go on crutches immediately following Boston. In fact, he warned me that I would WANT them. (I can't imagine wanting them right now, except after my arthrogram on Thursday, I couldn't walk AT ALL, and did WANT much as I hate those things.) So I may have them waiting for me at the finish line. Pretty sad.

My plan as of right now. Call Dr. Philippon in Vail, CO, on Monday and find out how soon I can get in. He is one of few Dr.s that perform this surgery and I am hoping it doesn't take forever to get this done. I have a swim date planned with Scheri on start preparing for my summer sport. I will be swimming a lot. She is a good friend, and planned for us to ride the recumbent bikes and swim. (This is supposedly what I will be able to do after - maybe.) Writing has helped, so thanks for reading and listening.

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