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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Arthrogram Films Were Sent...

to Dr. Philippon in Vail, Colorado. I received my positive results - hip labral tear (hip stress fracture still showing up, another injury for another time) on Saturday from my orthopedic surgeon here in Colorado Springs. He referred me to Dr. Philippon and so I called his office first thing Monday morning in which I was told that it could take his receptionist 24 hours to call me back. Not his nurse or the Dr. himself, but his receptionist. She returned my called today, just over 24 hours later. She informed me that she would conduct a short interview, basically my address, birth date, etc. and then asked how the injury happened: "Did this happen in a car accident?" I replied, "Nope, running." I also told her that I had a hip stress fracture and was hoping to recover from surgery and that simultaneously. She informed me that Dr. Philippon's process was to review my films with the short interview, and then get back to me in about a week.

Already losing sleep, I quickly asked if she could give me a ballpark range of time that I would be looking at before I would be getting in for surgery. Her response, "Dr. Philippon will look at your films and then we leave it up to him to decide when you need surgery." She was very nice and probably did as much consoling as she possibly could without me actually being their patient yet. However, it left me still wondering when all of this would begin, and ultimately end.

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