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Monday, May 24, 2010

Donor's Choose

What is Donor's Choose? It is a website where teachers can post projects for their classrooms and anyone can give money to help fund the project...give to education! I work in a school that has a very high free/reduced lunch rate. My students come from a variety of backgrounds. Like many schools, we have a hard time simply getting basic supplies, but in our school, the students are unable to afford basic school supplies as well. So this website was designed to ask for help.

Right now I have two projects posted: one is for recess equipment and the other for printer cartridges. I would be so excited to have a basket of balls, jump ropes, and hula hoops for them to enjoy recess. I may even have to go out and have a little fun with them. When I go out with them now, they will swing occasionally, but most of the time they are walking around waiting for the bell to ring. I thought, "If they had some equipment, they would be active and ready to learn when they came back in." Since physical activity is proven to enhance learning, I decided this would be a project well worth trying.

I also thought back to all of my great memories in elementary school and thought, "So many of them were on the playground!" I want to give these moments to my students as well. I have already met my upcoming class for next year, and would love nothing more than to start out the year with a gift of recess equipment, from donors to them!

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