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Friday, May 28, 2010

That's My Daughter

Who'd've ever thought her, who'd'ev ever thought... (Lyrics from That's My Daughter) Halee graduated from middle school last night and is now just a summer away from officially entering her freshmen year of high school, something I can't believe I am saying.

I was sitting in the garden in when she got home and called out to me, "Mom, come on in, we are on a tight time schedule." It was 3:30pm and she had just jumped off the bus for her last day of school. Our goal was to walk out of the house at 5:15pm, so I knew we had time, but she wanted it to be perfect. I came right in to find her and Christian taking a bath. Funny, even at this age, they still do everything together. Halee was only at middle school one year before Christian joined her, due to the 6th grade move up that year. Now they have already talked extensively, even sharing it with some of MY friends, that they will not be at the same school until Halee is a Junior. They "act" like it is a good thing, but even though they fight, these two years will be hard on them in that aspect. Halee got out of the bath, blew dry her hair - while I showered quickly, and then I was out to start putting in her curls. She got dressed and we sewed everything in...her bra, so nothing would be falling out. A pet peeve of mine, bra straps. She was all set.
Her graduation was nice and quick. The best part for her was the 8th grade dance after. To finish the evening off we asked Lori if we could pick Halee up in her purple Challenger. As we pulled up, right out front, several boys came to the window to admire the car. When they found out we were there for Halee, they went running in to tell her how cool her "ride" was and wanted to go home with her. Absolutely NOT! But it was fun that she got a little extra attention to finish off her middle school experience. She came home, looked at her pictures, and said, "I felt pretty!"


  1. Congrats to Halee. Tell her to enjoy her summer. High School will be fun.

  2. Halee... you were not pretty... YOU WERE BEAUTIFUL. I am soooo happy for you and I know you will love high school. Now that you are out of school, it means we will see you soon. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! G'PA.

  3. found you via RLAM blog - whoa mom, you had better be ready for this high school stuff. Your daughter is just beautiful :D