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Monday, May 24, 2010

Strawberries and Crutches

You ask, "What do strawberries have to do with crutches?" My new covers have strawberries on them for summer. My first set were plain grey (only four days old and underneath in case of a fashion crisis) and my girls decided they were boring. So Christian helped me pick out strawberries and since I will have crutches all summer, I thought they were perfect!

Ps. I have read blogs where people have had ceremonies the day they were able to get rid of their crutches. They have had them for anywhere from 18 days to 34 days from what I can find. I absolutely don't feel sorry myself, but decided to count just for fun: 51 days today. I even subtracted the few days I went off of them pre-Boston. Like I said in my running log (which I no longer use), "On a positive note: My arms are buff!"


  1. Hi Sara
    I have just started reading your blog. I am also an avid runner with a hip injury so your positive and realistic attitude is really inspiring. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about the symptoms you experience with regards to your labral tear. My sports doctor suspected that I had a labral tear and sent me for an MRI arthrogram etc. It came out negative for both a labral tear and any predisposition to FAI. I have since been to two orthopaedic surgeons who have examined me and looked at my scans and they both say that my scans do not show a tear or FAI and my physical exam doesn’t suggest I have a hip joint problem. However, it has been 6 months now and I still have pain mainly in the right lower back, right lower abdominals and right side of my pubic bone. I also sometimes have pain on the outside of my hip and on the front and inner thigh. It is not intense (probably 3/10) but it is also not going away. I feel it most when sitting for long periods. As a result I am still worried that someone is missing something! I thought maybe if I could get an idea as to what labral tear actually feels like (i.e. from someone who is experiencing it) it would help me decide where to go from here.
    P.S. The crutches are awesome!

  2. Those crutches are perfect! Have you planted any strawberries in your garden yet? Love you... Dad

  3. Dotty, Can you send me an email? - I will write you.