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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Waiting and Another MRI - For Now

It has only been a week since Dr. Byrd's office received my films and reports, so when I got a phone call from them today I was more than excited. I couldn't believe they had already reviewed my file and had an answer...however, not the answer I wanted, once again! It was his PA, and she began with, "We are concerned that your stress fracture isn't healing. Dr. Byrd has reviewed your file, and we would like to talk to you about that. Can you tell us anything?" I stupidly answered quickly with, "It isn't healing because I ran a marathon on it." That is when she informed me that they did read my file in depth and knew that I had proceeded to run the Boston Marathon against my doctor's advice and that has made things extremely worse off than when I was originally x-rayed several months ago. This was told to me a couple of weeks ago by my doctor here as well. The news, however, continued to get worse. "We cannot operate on you with a stress fracture. We put traction on your leg to pull it out of the socket to be able to operate on the area during surgery, and we are concerned that with the condition it is in, it will break the femoral neck completely." They want me to stay on crutches until June 1, and then have another MRI to get the stress fracture checked. If it is cleared, I should run on it to test it out. (Running doesn't even sound exciting anymore.) Let me back up a few words to "cleared." She said it cannot show up on the MRI. It showed up on a regular x-ray a few weeks ago, so I am losing hope very quickly. I am back to taking all of my calcium, on my crutches 100%, and I mean 100% of the time, and doing everything I possibly can to get my stress fracture healed now. The cherry on the sundae: I probably will not get into surgery until late summer, if I'm lucky, because they are booking up! Whatever happens, happens at this point.

So I am going to enjoy my summer and have blast with each day! I am going to enjoy my vacation and not worry about getting back for surgery. I am going to get healthy, with or without surgery - it is out of my hands, so that I can begin the school year ready to do my best!

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  1. Hi Sara! Man need a vacation! Take the advice very seriously, stay off that leg! I know it's a lot to absorb right now but you will get fixed! Did you call Dr. White?