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Friday, August 27, 2010

A Big Itch

I have started to get this crazy itch. No matter what I do it just won't go away. I can do mini squats. I can ride the stationary bike for a while. I can throw an 11lb ball into a trampoline-catch it, with one leg in front of the other on a foam pad. Nothing will get rid of this crazy itch. This itch, a nice relaxing ride on a very well-groomed, flat trail! All on my mountain bike so it would be comfortable of course.

I went to PT on Thursday, sat on the stationary bike, and began to spin. I told Cameron that I was starting to get this huge desire to bike, casually. I don't want to go crazy. I haven't had any pain in over a week, unless it is forced. I can bring my knee up to my chin, or try to lay on my hip, and it will hurt. But, come on, when do we really bring our knee up to our chin? So pretty much pain free. Back to me spinning. Cameron asked about my pain and I said I didn't have any. I did a ton of exercises, and he finished up with some one-legged squats, almost all the way down to the ground. (Started with two, and moved to one.) I had to do three sets of 10 on each leg, and by the end, my puny little right quad was saying, "Hello World, here I am!"

He was testing my pain. I passed for a casual, easy, Sunday ride. Since Marc is working on the course for ADTM right now, it means I can ride with him as he paints the mile markers. I started tonight with 30 minutes at about a 7 minute per mile pace, and it was fantastic. I kept admiring the trail. The flowers. Everything that I have been missing out on lately. It was heaven.

It probably won't be a regular activity yet, as Cameron said it was okay to do a test ride, and then a ride this weekend. I am sure it will stay limited for a while, but limited these days feels limitless!

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