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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crutches...What are Those?

Kidding! After 115 days - yesterday, I am officially OFF OF CRUTCHES! It started back at the end of March, yep way back then. I had a few days off before the Boston Marathon, and then 2 weeks after my stress fracture cleared and before surgery. Add up all of the days, not that anyone was counting-well, I was, and you get a nice round number of 115!

After two hours of PT, Cameron said, "So what are you going to do with that crutch?" I didn't have to think about it, "Throw it out my car on the interstate?" Was it for real? I have freedom at home and at work, but if I decide to venture to the mall-ya right, then I have to take it. I won't be going anywhere that I have to take it. I'm too tired these days. I'll get to that later. Back to the whole two hour thing. In the last week, Cameron has really upped the time that I am there, and the things that I can do. I go and go the whole time and feel like I am rebuilding a lot. I would like to hit more spin bike, but time isn't permitting it with being swamped at work.

Speaking of work, my students have arrived. I just finished up day 2 with them. We are already busy working hard. They have learned how to stay on topic in writing, and they each made a set of flash cards today to practice their multiplication facts-yikes! By the end of the year, have no fear.

At the end of today, first official day with the crutch, I was limping. My students let me know. (It's amazing how fast we get to know each other and are comfortable-good thing.) I figured I would be. I hope each day gets better. The pain was a bit much too. Now, I rest. I have PT again tomorrow-every Tuesday and Thursday now. Things are coming along.


  1. FINALLY!!!!! I'm so excited for you to be off of the crutches....but make sure you listen to your body and take it easy so you don't need to go back on them! And your students sound awesome. They're lucky to have a teacher who is so enthusiastic and dedicated.

  2. GREAT JOB! No crutches... I like what Janet said... take it easy or you may be back on the crutches. Your students sound great. I can't wait to meet them.... Love you. Dad