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Monday, August 30, 2010

I Can't Believe I'm Actually Blogging

There was a time, just a few weeks ago, that I didn't miss a day. Now I am back at work, deep, deep into work. This year has taken off and gone every which way but straight. I have paperwork and more paperwork. Throw in a ton of expectations from a superintendant that pays us according to our "performance" (you guessed it-student performance), and what's leftover is a few minutes left to teach. I stay late, and many times the students stay with me. Don't feel too bad, they love every minute of it. It is better than the alternative.

And in my spare time, what is that again? I am down to the last week before the marathon. No, I'm not running. The American Discovery Trail Marathon and Half Marathon, which I direct and Marc so graciously helps me out with. We rode the course this weekend and it ended up being 3.5 hours on about 13 miles, maybe more. It was back and forth, and back and forth, marking the half and full course of the last 9 miles of the race. I only limped for about 2 hours after and pretty much rested the remainder of the evening. Woke up fresh-pretty much pain free-for another day of volunteer work. We ran more errands, and finally made it to the pool by 3pm where I sat on my phone, answering emails. I woke up this morning, exhausted, knowing that this week, it only gets better! The race committee is about 20 people strong. I have been receiving emails all day from various members, "Can you be sure I have this on race day?" or "Can you make sure...?" So I attempt to please, but am sure I am pretty unsuccessful, because those emails come in between the runners that want to know exactly what color of socks they should wear on race day...or they wonder when I am going to update the website for the 2011 event? I am going to think out loud for just a moment, "If, yes IF, I make it through this year's races, I will be sure to get the webite update about, oh, 3 months after...or so...maybe." Needless to say, I am tired. I am worn out. I am ready for Christmas break?

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