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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gasp! Gasp!

I'm trying to catch my breath. Going back to work is only a tiny part contributing to me feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. The biggest part, ADT Marathon. We are in the final countdown. Next week will be total chaos and then race day on Labor Day will actually be a relief. I'm glad it's almost here.

On to what I actually sat down to write about: my doctor's appointment yesterday. Quick. He didn't have too much to say, EXCEPT, everything is PERFECT! His word, "Smooth!" He let me know that Cameron is doing a good job. I couldn't agree more. I am thrilled with my surgery and my recovery. I am down to feeling pain about 10% of the day and that is when I am "testing" out my limits. I am still following directions very closely, but can now add strength in. All is good and on track. Now back to marathon planning.

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  1. That is fantastic!!!! Congratulations!!! What a relief to be able to focus on feeling overwhelmed about things that aren't hip-related instead of having the hip be first and foremost on your mind. That alone is a good sign and you seem to be simply thriving. Keep up great attitude and recovery!!!!