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Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Day Back to Work

AND 4 weeks post-op...all in one day! It was so good to be back. I love my summer's off, but I really love teaching and being back in the school and into the swing of things was great. My day started with the usual reunion, everyone in my classroom this time since I settled into my chair for a bit and also had a few quick projects to do before I headed off for a math training. One person after another came in until there were 5, then 3 more, and others in my room all giddy about being back for another school year. Kevin, my 5th grade teammate, came in and stayed while the others made their way through. Before I knew it, time was up, and we had to head off to our training at district. That went slow. The 4th grade team and us (Kevin and I) are fairly close, so we all made plans to go to lunch. Lori tagged along and as Kevin would say, she's having a hard time cutting the cord! (That was for you Lori.) The afternoon was spent in more meetings, and I finished up with putting 23 names on three sets of clothespins. Tomorrow is our district's convocation, a big hoorah to get us going for this year, and then we head back for a game and work day!

Oh ya, I almost forgot-4 weeks post-op. Taking a few steps back right now, just trying to take it easy. It's all par for the course. No biggy.

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