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Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Students

Marc reminds me at this time each year that relationships take time to build. He is referring to my students. Last year I absolutely adored my class, but not until after Christmas break, and teared up at the thought of ending the year. The year before, I thought I could never have a class that would compare, and yet, last year's students did a great job and it was a close competition. Already this year, I can tell there are a few characters that will capture my heart.

At home I have two girls and know that God was very strategic in this part of my life. I love having girls at home, but at school, it's the boys that make my life interesting. Girls are natural pleasers, but boys make you work for that relationship. I am also blessed with what I'll call "some challenges" because the previous teachers, or their parents, have hopes that I can make a much needed change in their lives, yes, plural. I can see already, in just four days with them, that it is going to be a great year of relationships, caring, struggles-together, and celebrations. They will learn, like my previous classes, that they are smart and capable of conquering the world. Someone just needs to tell them! And that is my job.

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