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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Going back to work has been a ton of excitement; however, it has also left me exhausted and realizing that it will set me back a bit with recovery. I am hoping that this weekend will jump start me back in the right direction with some biking, swimming, and catching up on my PT exercises.

Fiddling around in my classroom, walking back and forth to the workroom, and then sitting for long periods of times (meetings) has made my hip ache. I try to keep up with others, so I often get a burning feeling in my butt when I am walking. If I sit for too long, more than 30 minutes, I have to stand up to stretch the front of my hip or serious aching will drive me through the roof. Overall, I am just exhausted, which is totally normal for going back, but it results in NOT wanting to walk anywhere after work, just sit in my bed.

I am struggling with wondering how I will keep up without having Allison every week to help me clean. She is back to every other week starting next Friday. Somehow it will all work out.

I go back to Dr. White on August 23. Going back to work has also proven to be difficult on scheduling Dr.'s appointments, as I dislike getting subs. On Mondays we have early releases for meetings, and I scheduled it for a Monday. Guess what? The Principal and Assistant Principal scheduled the first meeting with 5th grade on the 23rd. We rescheduled. Until October 8, 3 months post-op, juggling a full-time job that isn't too flexible, will be fairly difficult. Just "following-up" with where I am at almost one month post-op! Oh ya, I still have my crutch, but he said we would talk about losing it next week. Nice.

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