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Thursday, June 17, 2010

MRI is on Monday

I have my MRI this Monday, and I am not going to lie...even though I have been having a blast on vacation and staying busy, I always think about what the results will be. I know I can't control it, but I am always behaving and staying on the crutches. I have some pain, but it is so limited now. If the doctor clears me, I will ask him if I have to still use the crutches and what kind of exercise I can do. I will have two weeks before surgery, so I would love to do SOMETHING different. I am not going to say I want to go running, but okay, "I want to go running!" Back in May, he said I would have to stay on crutches all the way into surgery because he wanted it super strong, and a couple of extra weeks on crutches would allow the bone to strengthen that much more. For some reason my mind is telling me that he will clear me to run for two weeks. Or go for a super hike, or something great! Dare I ask?

The pain I have changes frequently. One day it will feel like a match, the next like annoying elastic snapping, and the next, the dull ache in my rear end. Not sure what I am feeling or if some of it is phantom pain now. Dr. White said that if I ran, even after the stress fracture clears, it will hurt because of the tear. Curiosity has me wondering how bad. I will never know what injury I felt during any of this. I just know it hurt really bad to do anything. I know that I am just a few days from finding out if that July 8th surgery date is really going to happen.

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  1. Glad you behaved while on vacation ;-) Can't wait to hear what the results are!!! Regardless, get your bike ready for this week!