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Friday, June 11, 2010

Road Trips

I am in the middle of a family vacation right now. We took a road trip to see our family in California. Both, Marc and I, are from California, meeting back in high school, so when we decide to visit family we take a trip back. Sometimes we fly, but most of the time we decide to drive so that we have our own car while we're here. Lately prices of plane tickets have been so inexpensive, we could almost fly for as much as it costs to drive. I started doing the math on the way here and thinking, wow, it might have been even cheaper to fly; however, the memories that are made on road trips...priceless. We began our trip with little giggles. They turned into laughs. Which turned into belly cries! Hours and hours of endless experiences repeat and this will never happen on an airplane. So would it sometimes be easier to fly? Absolutely, but the memories can never be replicated. Memories that I hope my daughters will cherish. Memories that I hope they will pass onto their families...possibly during one of their road trips.

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