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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Classroom

I have been busy working in my classroom to get it ready for next year. I have some new ideas that I was excited to put into action. I am doing subject bulletin boards...a basic idea, but something that I haven't always done. I am also going to have places that the students interact with the boards by taking things off and writing on them or using the pieces of the board. For my reading board, I will change it every couple of weeks, depending on what concept is being taught, and it will be right up at the front of the room so the students will utilize it.

My math board will be used as a review each day. For example, the students will be required to complete problems a, b, and c on Monday, and so on. They will change constantly. I am going to be creating this board, and all of it's details, during my recovery. This will ensure that I do not forget to get in those review problems, daily.

I am working on my science wall where the students will use clothes pins and paper plates to move their way through the scientific process, just like I do with the writing process for my writing wall. I wanted to show you my poetry wall that Lori and I made at the end of last year. It has all of the types of poetry with examples. The students each make their own book with all of these same examples.

I am excited about 2010-2011.

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