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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 3-Post Op

So far so good. I had a few hours last night where I couldn't even move my leg over, with the help of hands, but other than that, things are going great! I was able to go to the outdoor pool and relax for about two hours. I did an hour with booties on a lounger, then about 30 minutes on the edge of the pool, feet cooling off. The other 30 minutes were walking back and forth to the car. I did have nausea coming and going, but was okay once I settled in. I will admit, my bed, the Game Ready, and the CPM felt like heaven when I got home!

One note: I have had excruciating heartburn. We read the side effects of my meds and it is the naproxen-this helps the bone and cartilage heal separately, instead of together. I have to take it. I have gotten it under control with antacids, Maalox-Extra Strength, and warm milk. It still tries to creep back.

Marc and I also decided that one activity a day is enough for this week. So if I have physical therapy, I shouldn't schedule anything else. You don't realize how tired you are or how much work it is until you are out and about. That's all for now.


  1. You really need to rest as much as possible. At the pool??????? Girlfriend! Stay on the coach in you CPM and ice. There will be plenty of pool time in your future.....

  2. Just wanted to wish you well and I hope you continue to feel better, keep from getting to stiff and feel less nauseated, etc! I'm curious what sort of activity they have you doing in PT?