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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Few More Exercises

I asked Cameron to pull out his highliter and let me know what exercises I can do on my protocol. First he tested me out with them, to see if I had any hip pain, and then let me know HOW MANY of each one I could do per day. I asked for a number and joked that I would be doing 150 per exercise per day if he didn't limit me. I have turned another corner and finally feel like I am rebuilding some of what I lost. This week I biked 40 minutes two times and 20 minutes three times. I am now doing wall slides partially down, balance board activities while hold onto something, some leg raises to the side, and pool walking for 20 minutes at a time. (I haven't made it past 15 minutes yet due to boredom.) With all of that, I feel really strong. My hip pain that was so bad earlier this week has almost gone away completely. On that note, Cameron was working on it yesterday and had me in some sort of funky position, and it pinched up! I screached and fought to be let out of it immediately, instinct. He held on and let me out slowly, so I didn't hurt myself. He thought it was a cramp, I thought it was a pinch, but either way, it was excruciating for that moment. After he finished with me, he watch me walk without crutches and there is so much improvement. I chalk it up to pool walking. I am getting stronger on one crutch, and know I still need it, but see a big difference between Tuesday and today in regards to strength. It is nice to feel the huge jumps forward despite the tiny steps back.

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