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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Last of the Last

Well, I am ready...kind of. All of my things that I had to do to have peace of mind are done. The last of last, that is that dreaded list I have been attempting to complete is finally done. Today, Marc and I went over to my parent's town, a place they occupy two months out of the year, to make window treatments for their two kitchen windows.
It was either a birthday gift, or maybe a Christmas gift, but since they haven't been here between then and now, I procrastinated until today. Those are done. That was the final thing. Yesterday I finished my classroom. It is also ready for me to walk into on August 5. I will have a few hours of work time before I have students which I will need, but it is just about there. I have things that aren't on my list that I should do to get ready, like weed one last time, but those weeds will be okay if I leave them for a month - I PROMISE! And I should probably do laundry one last time, and I will. Maybe throw together a backpack for the hospital, but other than that, that little friend called relaxation is calling my name.

I have compared this experience to having a baby so many times, and yet again, I will say these are my final days that I will enjoy total relaxation before the big day. After finishing the window treatments, Marc and I enjoyed the pool and sunshine. I asked him if he ever felt like I wasn't in enough pain to get the surgery? (Today is an extremely great day, and I always forget the bad days so quickly.) He answered exactly how I wanted him to, "If you ever want to be active again, even just a cyclist Sara, then you need to get the surgery. You hurt even when you get off of a bike." I love him for reminding me that I am not wasting OUR time with this.

One more thing that I almost forgot to blog about...I won tickets to a Sky Sox game, our minor league baseball team here. It was a radio thing, which I never listen to, and I raced to get the tickets and was the winner. (Literally across the street from a doctor's appointment, figures.) We went last night, as a family, and enjoyed the fireworks after. It was a great time.

Happy 4th of July to all!

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