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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Guess I'll Just Say It

"It just isn't the same!" For now, for today, it was nice to see Marc run a race and feel a sense of accomplishment. I enjoyed being able to watch Shari and Lori cross the finish, exhausted. However, that was it. We took a few pictures, got some food, and left. That may have been why I fell in love with the marathon, or even the ultra. I like hanging around, spending the whole day at an event, minimally an hour. Since Dr. White and Cameron have both said I just need to slow down, not run on roads, and eliminate major downhills from now on, I am going to hope that distance can still be a part of my postoperative life. For now, watching my friends and family enjoying the great satisfaction and accomplishment that they are finding running and racing, will have to do. Why not? They have all been spectators, on the side-lines, watching for a while. Now it's my turn. For a while.Me and Marc
Shari and Lori

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