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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh...Physical Therapy

I am happy to say that once again, I love my insurance. The physical therapy office said they would call today to see how many visits I am limited to in a year, and then let me know. (Not sure how common this is.) But I jumped on it this morning, and my insurance said I'm not limited. I am prescribed 2-3 times per week, so Cameron and I were hoping I could go three times until I go back to work. I will have a jump start on recovery and hopefully be ready for work then.

My first session consisted of a lot of "teaching." He taught me how to get up and down off of higher places, how to make sure I am lifting my leg still with my hands-which I am, how to lay on my stomach, how to roll over without letting my legs flop everywhere, etc. He stretched some areas as well. He also dug around for the mysterious "butt" pain that I have been suffering from. He found it and worked on it for a while. It is very deep. Can't remember the name of the spot now, but basically an overcompensation from all of this. A big knot. I asked about when I will be able to drive...3 weeks, when I get off of crutches. I have another appointment tomorrow, so I think we will get more into things then. He gave me four exercises, more like stretches, to do at home.

I am completely off of pain meds. I haven't had any in 36 hours. However, I only slept 3 hours last night. I am going to call Dr. White today to make my 14 day check-up appointment and ask if I can take Aleve or something more natural for sleep if I can't take Aleve for pain. It was pain in my lower back last night. I also had my usual bout of nausea this morning, so I am going to ask about that too.

I wanted to say one last thing...thanks for the kind comments on my entries. They mean the world to me.

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  1. The butt pain is totally normal. It's probably your piriformis. I had a nighmare of a timewith that on my 2nd surgery. I mean nightmare. It's trying to stabilize an unstable joint. Time will settle it down.