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Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekends are the Best!

I had a hard time sleeping last night. It rained here, and I love the rain, so that wasn't what kept me awake, but with the rain comes a ton of moisture. I have been struggling with a very minor cold since last Tuesday. I have been taking Airborne everyday to try and kick it quickly and been praying it doesn't turn into a sinus infection. You see, when I get a cold, shortly after, I inevitably have a sinus infection. So far so good, until about 3am when I woke up and actually had to clear myself out. Great. Now that I am up, I can tell that it is still just a cold and I can actually still breathe through my nose, so I think all is good. Now that you know all about my snot so fun stuff...

We had the best weekend! Saturday, Marc and I woke up, whenever we felt like it, and hung out. Then we got the girls up. They were tired from their slumber/birthday party, so they were still catching up. We all went grocery shopping together. After, Marc and I hung out at Villa for the entire afternoon! The girls were still tired and wanted to stay home. (Plus Halee was babysitting and making the big bucks...she raked in another $70 this weekend for something she loves to do! Kind of sounds like teaching for me.) Sunday was another perfect day. Marc decided to head out for a run at the Incline and then up Barr Trail a bit. He is on a team for the Colorado Relay and also going to attempt a faster 10K here in town in just a few weeks. I am glad he has taken up some races so that I can go watch and still enjoy the sport, as a spectator of course. I worked on a gigantic flower bed in the yard. Our back yard flower beds pretty much take care of themselves, except for every other year we mulch them - this was the year, and I thin them out once a year if necessary. Yesterday was that day. Weeding has proven to be the worst thing for my hip. The bending and pulling at the waste leads to aching later. I decided to just bite the bullet and get it all done. I am happy I did. I need some R&R after that, so we headed to the pool again. From reading my blog, you would think I love to sunbathe...but it's not that. I do wear 50SPF, I just love relaxing by the pool or in the pool! Later we watched the movie "Timer" at home, and then went over to Christian's best friend's parent's (phew) house for a bit to hang out with out girls.

Not a lot to do these days. It's nice. Scheri and I will do one last bike ride today at the Air Force Academy. It's gorgeous out. She said we could hang out and chit chat, but I am fearful we will have plenty of time to do that later and would regret not getting in one last one. (My bike goes to the shop tonight and tomorrow for a tune-up-so it will be ready when I'm ready.)

Almost forgot: Hipster patients-I called on Friday to make sure my equipment would be at the hospital, or wherever it needed to be, and they said they didn't have the orders that they would call my doctor and call me back. Be sure you follow through on all of that stuff. It would be a bummer to show up for surgery and not have anything.

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