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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No News is Good News?

Things are finally moving along a little quicker. Not that I am rushing my days away, but I remember waking up last Monday and thinking, "Oh my gosh, it is only Monday, how am I going to make it day after day, to get me through a week, or two?" Now, I am just a day away from two weeks already. This second week has gone much better. I am back off of the pain meds, officially didn't take anything for sleep last night, and all is well.

I did have some "pinching" right in the hip joint itself, and today, Cameron figured out I was doing an exercise wrong. As soon as I started to feel it on Sunday, I stopped all of my home exercises just in case, so when I woke up this morning the pinching was gone; however, I waited for PT to do anything. And then, I got to ride the bike. It was 10 minutes of trying to figure out if it was uncomfortable, or fun, or...not sure, but I did it and it is another step.

Since I won't even be "trying" my first running steps until 6 months post-op, I'll settle in and enjoy the bike for now. Either way, I still love PT, and can't wait to go back.

Oh ya, and since you didn't hear from me yesterday, I'm hoping you assumed that "No news was good news!"

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