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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Turned a Corner

There was a time that I couldn't imagine being out of bed, out of my CPM, because it was the only thing that gave me comfort. It took my pain from a 10 to a 9 during a good hour. I couldn't sleep, and I couldn't walk. Sitting down to go pee was a process that took decades, and going downstairs was impossible. That time was just a couple of days ago, and now, I have turned a corner!

I am not sure if it was going back on the pain meds, which I am still on, and not in any hurry to get off of this time, or the one week point, but either way, from Thursday afternoon until this afternoon, life has been manageable. I am still kind of sensitive, and a little grumpy (blaming the Oxy) but I don't live in bed.

Don't worry, I'm still taking it easy. I've been doing all of my home exercises for PT, and I'm in my CPM as we speak. I'm not going to do too much too fast. But there is a light, and I see it now that I made a turn.


  1. So sorry that you have been having a painful and frustrating recovery. Praying that you return to normal soon!

  2. Well, they prescribe the painkillers for a reason! Glad to know you're doing better. You're posts are really helpful to get a realistic picture of the post-op period. I know how easy it is for the whole thing to kind of blur together after a while, so it's really helpful that you're documenting it as you go through it. Keep up the speedy healing :-)