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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Running Race

I get to go to a running race tomorrow. My first one since surgery, and first in quite a while. I ran Boston, then a week and half later went to watch Marc run one of MY races (suppose to be my 50 miler, but he opted for 25 with only three weeks to train). Scheri ran the 50 miles without me, and it was the first time that everyone kept asking me, "Do you wish you were out there?" and I actually thought, "NOWAY!" I hurt so bad from Boston and just hurt in general, that I didn't want to run anymore, that is until things were fixed. But tomorrow, I get to go watch Marc run another race. This time it was his doing. He registered for it, not just a transfer from me. I helped a little. I pulled the registration out of the mail, put it on the counter for a few weeks, talked about how fun the race would be, then talked him into it, he agreed excitedly, and then I registered him on-line. Okay, okay, so I miss being a part of it. I have a few friends running it, all for fun! And that's exactly what it's going to be.

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