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Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Week Down!

I have waited forever to say that! Well, what feels like forever. I had another night in agony. I was classifying my pain at a 10 and ready to go back on Vicodin. I was nauseous all morning, and things were going downhill fast. Until..Lori was taking me to PT and I saw Marc. I called him, and he offered to pick me up after I was done and go to lunch. I was SO happy!

PT: I did some resistance exercises. I got a major back rub! He checked my strength, and then added some things, still little, to help start doing what I could. He said I could bike as soon as I wanted to, but I decided to wait until next week. I told him about my horrible nights, and we figured out that the way I was propping a pillow was doing more damage to my we shifted it, and I will try it tonight. Some runners may want to know this part-Cameron discussed my running with me today. "Only time will tell," Cameron echoed exactly what Dr. White said, "but unless you want to be back having another surgery, you should not run asphalt or downhill. Rolling trails are okay. You should also not do it for speed. No more PR's." Simply said, and I understood completely what will be expected. PR=Personal Records, I'm done with worrying about getting any faster than I use to be. I am VERY okay with this, as long as I can run. He didn't shun marathons either. So I have a little glimmer of hope.

Marc picked me up and we had lunch, came home and took a nap, and then enjoyed live acoustic music by the pool. Perfect afternoon! I haven't been able to say that since surgery, so it feels good. I just took an Oxycontin so that I would be pain free tonight and able to sleep. I have to go for a drive's appointment in Denver.

I know this is totally random, but another hipster, Noell, posted today and I found I could seriously relate. She gives great details. Noell's Post

Well, one week down!

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  1. Looking good Sara!!!! Keep up the great work.... and sleep tight