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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, Oh, Oh, It's Magic - You know...

It actually feels like any other day for now, but it's only 7:15am. In a few hours I will venture out into the world IN MY CAR! I realized I have no idea where my driver's license is because the last time I had it was at the hospital, so that needs to be found. The CPM machine has officially been moved to the floor, next to the couch, where it will sit until it is picked up - hopefully today! The house is slowly being put back to normal.

Tasks at this point: (3 weeks post-op)
Late last week, or maybe even over the weekend, we switched back to our sides of the beds, I dumped the meds down the toilet, put paperwork away - which I have since pulled out, and sent back my Game Ready. I can wash the laundry, fold it, and put it away, but still can't carry it up and down stairs. That goes for everything. I can't vacuum or weed. Oh bummer. The girls are great at helping with vacuuming, but hate weeding, so that fell upon Marc yesterday. Maybe my dad will help a bit when he comes. The cleaning lady is still coming weekly and will through next week, which will put me at week 5 when I have to do any real cleaning. Then she will come every other week, like normal. This I would strongly recommend for peace of mind and taking the pressure off. My daily activity is fairly normal to find that I am pretty tired late afternoon.

Bump in the Road: (Pain)
A couple of days ago I reported that I had a horrible day of pain. (Tuesday) This pain continued yesterday as well. I still don't know today. Anyways, during PT last night, my gut was telling me that something was really wrong. I had so many days that during the day my pain level was a 0-1, at night higher, but not during the day, now I was sitting at a 7-8-9. I was worried. I would catch something inside and want to scream. I told my PT last night that I was concerned. He really started to analyze it. And then work it. He eliminated the bone. He eliminated the hip flexor. He asked about my posterior labrum. "Did Dr. White do anything to that? Usually it is too hard to get to." I had no idea. This is when I dug out my paperwork. My MRI showed I had a full-thickness tear on my anterior and a partial tear on my posterior. I pulled out the photos of the actual surgery. Yep, Dr. White has photos of both. Cameron has asked to see these a few times, so I guess it's time to bring them in. It may explain some things. Even without these answers, he said 2-3 weeks is the time that scar tissue builds up. I had the wave, which they were trying to create scar tissue, plus the repair, all will create scar tissue, and it seems I am pinching some of it, which is not good. It needs to break down. So he worked with it, plus I need to bike, again without resistance, more. I biked for 40 minutes last night. I get to bike for up to an hour to try and break this down. SPIN CLASS! I will just be sitting there, on my rear end, not making any adjustments, but I will be a part of a class, pretending. I also get to work on my gait by walking in the therapy pool with water up to my neck. I am excited! I can set up my road bike on the trainer with granny handles too...options, options.

I have PT again tomorrow, but I see a weekend of pool walking and moderation, of course! I am the queen of moderation, that is why I am here in the first place.

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  1. It sounds like you've got an excellent team who really listens to your concerns, asks the right questions, is good with follow-through and is steering you in a good direction. I can only imagine how scary it must feel to have the recovery process not simply be a steady improvement, but take comfort in knowing you're in good hands. I hope the pain disappears and you continue to increase what you're able to do. But in the meantime, what you've already accomplished in only 3 weeks is remarkable!