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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some Questions Answered

As I said earlier, the phone rang and rang and never stopped. Marc came home and I told him it had been going on all day. I write as much as I remember, and I forgot to post some answers that I received the other day - and more today.

My CPM is delivered to my house tomorrow at 10am, so the day before surgery. They show me how to use it and then they pick it up when I am done. The braces that I sleep in are waiting for me in the hospital and I do not talk to anyone (a rep) about those...they are just there post surgery. My Game Ready will be delivered to me at 9:45am, at the hospital before I check in. My check in time is 10am for a Noon surgery. A nurse called me today to go over the hundreds of questions, and then tell me what my day would look like.
9:45am-Game Ready Delivery
10am-Check-in at admissions
10-11:30am-Get my lab work done, meet my physical therapist and anestesiologists, get my IV put in. (Might be missing something.)
11:30am-Dr. White will come talk to me for a bit about my surgery.
12-4 or 4:30pm-Surgery
4-6pm-Recovery room with physical therapist
6pm or so-they will take me to the 6th floor, the osteo something floor. I'll tell you later.
My physical therapist goes with me upstairs and continues to work with me.

The nurse never gave me the "end" time for physical therapy. Maybe there was a reason. My husband can stay the night with me. I was happy. They also didn't tell me what time I would be able to leave the next day. Anyways, it's a busy day!

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