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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sit Back and Enjoy the View

I am relishing, not really, my final days of laying around in the CPM, riding the carts at Walmart, and walking with crutches. This Thursday marks the magical point in which I get to have a tiny bit of Independence, like drive myself from point A to B and not devote 4 hours on a bad day or 6 hours on a good day to the couch, IE. CPM. After 101 days on crutches (this Thursday) the crutches have become a permanent fixture on my body: I know how to walk holding stuff, open doors, do cartwheels with them, okay, okay, not really, but I have the hang of them, I will not miss them.
The carts at Walmart have been the best part of it all, except when I see one person right after the other that I know. That's about the point I wish I had a paper bag to go over my head. Oh ya and I have noticed that unless you weigh 300-400 lbs or are at least 60 years old, a good percentage of the shoppers judge you and think you are going for a joy ride. Maybe it hasn't been that fun.

Although this has been great, I am looking forward to sitting back and enjoying some better views!

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