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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Less Than a Week

I figured since today was pretty much over, that I could say I have less than a week until surgery! I have waited for what seems like forever to be able to say that. My week has been so busy. Project after project, a long bike ride, and a double birthday party have kept me booked to the max. The projects should be done on Saturday with Marc's help. I promised my parents that I would make valances for their town home, and since they don't get here until August, I have procrastinated. I will also spend one last day at school finishing my room. There isn't a lot to do, but I have a bit of printing, some books, and that is always easier to do at school.

My long bike ride: the goal was 50 miles. Some of you reading this might think that is nothing, but gosh, running 50 miles sounds easier to me than riding it. I have never claimed to be a cyclist, my strength is running, then swimming...last, I can survive on a bike. So Scheri and I headed out for a loop knowing that Harsha would be available if we needed to call him for a ride back. For the locals, we went from Briargate, up Hwy 83 through King's Deer (in a round about way), then to County Line, and over to Palmer Lake. When we crossed I-25 on the other side of Monument Hill, I was kind of shocked, but also thought it should be a lot of downhill back. Downhill, not so much, a headwind, YES! I guess this is the point that I should say that the longest I have exercised for one period of time SINCE BOSTON is about an hour, maybe an hour and a half! We had a little picnic and headed back through Palmer Lake to Monument. We had the brilliant idea to take Baptist all the way over to Hwy 83 because it would be the easiest uphill section between the two places. Once again, I am not sure what we were thinking! We climbed, and climbed, and climbed, and climbed, and...okay, I'll stop. I began to hurt and wonder if how long I could keep doing this. Surely once we hit our long downhill section I would feel better. However, when I hit that part, I wanted to cry, more! I have wanted to cry only a few times while doing something like this, when I ran with Scheri right before I was diagnosed, when I ran Boston, and yesterday. There may be others, but those are the ones that stick out to me. I hurt so bad. Everything. I couldn't say what specifically hurt, but it all hurt. Today, it feels like I am walking bone on bone again. Back to our ride...we paused for a moment and Scheri said she was miserable. That was my opportunity to say, "Let's call Harsha." And we did. We finished our ride with 45 miles on the Garmin. It was 87 degrees. I iced at Scheri's and headed over to Villa to get in the cold pool. I ended my night on the couch. I had the aches and a sore throat later last night and this morning, although I am feeling better now. Halee had that a few days ago, so I am sure it is a quick cold, but either way, I'm sure it didn't help on my ride. All in all, it was my "departing" ride. I may do a shorter one on Monday, but my bike goes in for a tune-up Monday night, and after that, I'm too busy. So it was fun to do, and glad I had Scheri along for the ride.

Now, the double birthday party for Halee and Christian. 8 teenagers, a mall scavenger hunt, BBQ, cake and ice cream, movies and popcorn, and then, hopefully they sleep. I am heading off to school in the morning after making them waffles. I'm ready for my last weekend presurgery. I have a feeling much of it will be spent at the pool, just lounging around!

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  1. You finished that bike ride with a bang ;-) lol! Good times... I'm worried that I make you cry though. All three of those times have been with me, yikes! For the record, I was the one that suggested we turn around at mile 20 yesterday!