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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Mysterious "Wave"

I am sure there is a more technical medical term, but a "wave" it is! I had a doctor's appointment and was able to ask some questions, and get some x-rays. All looks good, as far as healing. While I was getting my x-ray, Dr. White talked to Marc. Marc told him I was doing well, which I am now. So much better than just 28 hours ago. Dr. White had hoped I would heal slowly, and he told Marc that he is concerned that I will get better too fast, and then think I can do more than I really can. I will be good, I promise. Marc told him that our insurance covered as many PT sessions as I wanted to go to, no limit, and he said he had never heard of that, but was super happy.

He said I am using my crutches right, and most people don't. (Lots of experience.)
My stitches were taken out and steri-strips put on.
He wanted to "talk" before he examined me. That is the best part about Dr. White, he always takes time and just sits and talks. I never feel rushed or that I can't ask him what I need to.
Why was my labrum bruised? Sign of injury. It was still going through trauma before surgery.
Can I sleep on my stomach, as long as Cameron has given me the proper way to do it? Yes, it is good for stretching. After examination, he said I am tight as far as my leg straightening out. It bends to 110degrees up, but is still slightly bent when I try to straighten it. So my feet hang off the end of the bed with a pillow from my chest to my thigh, and my feet stay straight.
Do I HAVE to stay on Naproxen? Yes, and then he showed me x-rays of a boy that didn't take it and his bone grew into his muscle. He said to tough it out.
I told him about my pain and meds, and he said good, take the Oxy for sleep. He only prescribed me 12 to begin with, so the fact that I still had 6 left, he thought was great.
He asked about the Vicodin. "It makes me mean and grumpy!" He said, "Okay. Don't take it."

Then he examined my flexibility at this point. Just up and down. He said it looked good. He added that I could lose the booties at 14 days. I told him that I haven't used them too much, because I have been in the CPM so much.

During my exam, I asked him about the "wave." Here it is: The labrum is attached to bone. It is attached so it's not free floating out there. I have a place where it is NOT attached. He said he fixed it the best way that he knew how; however, there hasn't been enough time with this specific repair to tell how successful it is. His words exactly today, "This isn't good!" We kind of left it at that, because when I was in the hospital I said, "So if I am in pain in a year, we know what it is?" And he said he didn't want to go there. I don't blame him, I don't either.

One last funny thing, and all of you who know me will laugh. I asked him at exactly what point did I go to sleep? What was going on the room? He always laughs at me and my questions. He quickly said, "You were out! You had a tube in your mouth..." I clarified,"Was I asleep when I got the spinal block? They said I would be awake, but I don't remember? Did I talk?" With a little chuckle, "You didn't say anything you should be embarrassed about." Marc and I had come up with all of these stories that I must have told them, oh my! Oh ya, and Marc joked with him about my constant questions in the hospital! He laughed at that too. Marc told me on the way home that he is probably use to his patients asking all sorts of questions post-op, but then he said, "No, probably not. You are a detail girl. You have to know the details about everything and most people probably don't care right after surgery." Who knows, but it was funny.
I go back at 6 weeks.

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